photograph by: Jessica Cross

Arts Education


SoulCity Movement and its collective of artists are dedicated to arts education. We have developed month long workshops for young people in schools across the world. The objective of such programs are for artists to work together to inspire, motivate and nurture young peoples creativity, giving back to schools and local communities by passing on their skills and valuable experiences as artists in the movement. These workshops run simultaneously between a minimum of two schools in two different culturally and economic communities. In doing so, SCM seeks to induce a sense of equality and cultural understanding amidst people and communities around the world.


foster positive relationships and the joining of students, schools and communities within cities, countries and nations across the globe

build community leadership by targeting youth for the future of the arts movement and its strength in facilitating social understanding, identity and change.

provide resources and access to resources in the arts

allow artists to mentor and inspire the youth in arts

secure the presence of the arts in school

provide an alternative means of expression and communication for young people

instill values of respect and responsibility

cross-cultural understanding, breaking down social and economic disparities

leadership within their own schools and local communities

parental involvement


voice within the communities

alternate form of expression